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Product name : Automatic carton sealer
Item : QXJ5050
自定义参数 : 
自定义参数 : 
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QXJ5050 automatic carton sealing machine is mainly used in sealing and packing cartons, which can be used either independently or as a necessary part of a production line. The machine is widely used in the field of electrical, domestic, textiles, foodstuffs, general merchandise, medicine and chemical industries. The machine can adjust itself to different sizes of cartons. This machine adopts pneumatic method for packaging automatically, it overcomes some disadvantages when adopts manual or semi-auto ones, such as slow speed and the unstable quality. This machine will not damage the surface of packaged objects. The air-jar with every action point adopts AirTAC products, the capability is very stable.


  1. Sealing different sizes of cartons without adjustment by human, it will be fit automatically;
  2. The sealing pressure is adjustable, according to the different materials of cartons;
  3. The pushing strength of the movement arms on two-side can be regulated according to the weight of cartons;
  4. Two-side movement arms adjust the objects packaged to the right position automatically;
  5. The movement frame is driven by double air-jar, smart and smoothly, using long time;
  6. The 25kg carton can be conveyed steadily by large power convey motor;
  7. Pneumatic and electric parts combine perfectly, with operation convenient and simple;
  8. The fine structure and the harmonious color bring pleasure to both the eye and the mind.




Sealing Capacity

About 1,000Standard Cases per Hour 

Adhesive tape used 

Bopp.PVC Adhesive Tape 

Width of adhesive tape 

48、60、70 mm

Power sources 


Max.sealing size(W X H)


Min.sealing size(W X H)


Max loading weight 


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