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Product name : Vertical Sticker Labeling Machine
Item : MPC-AS
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自定义参数 : 
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MPC-AS Vertical Sticker Labeling Machine

The  MPC-AS Vertical Sticker Labeling Machine specializes in the automatic label application to column, square or taper packaging containers.It is capable of automatically checking the length of each label if there are insufficient labels,broken labels as well as diminishing colour.The touch screen display is user friendly and visually easy to understand.Ideally suited to pharmaceutical,chemical;food,electronics,dairy etc. Bottle collector is an optional extra.

Model MPC-AS(PLC control/PC control)
Drive Step motor deiven
Direction Right/left
Labeling speed 0-200 pcs/min(adjustable,according to bottle size)
Size of bottle(mm) Diameter:Φ20-100mm,Height:20-200mm
Size of label(mm) Width:10-90mm,L:15-200mm
Precision ±1mm(subject to roundness and vertical of bottle)
Label roll Max.:Φ300
Label core Standard:Φ75mm(3")
Power 220~240V 50Hz 500W
Coding device DT-280
Conveyor 1.6m
Machine size 1600*800*1300mm
Weight 220kg

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